Clutter is a mass of trash, items, nick-nacks, or personal items on the countertops or floors of your home. Clutter significantly inhibits our ability to perform our tasks and stay on schedule. If a room is covered in clutter we will skip that room. If the majority of your home is covered in clutter we may have to reschedule your cleaning to give you some time to remove the clutter. We cannot clean at the same time someone is moving clutter around! If we have to leave your home due to clutter you will be charged for the time we are in the home. Our normal hourly rate applies at $50 per person, per labor hour in the home. That means three cleaning techs would cost $150 per regular clock hour. If we have to cancel a cleaning, and you are unwilling or unable to reschedule at the time of cancellation, you will be charged according to our Cancellation Policy. This will almost always be a full charge for the cleaning. “For our full Clutter Policy Click Here”