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How do I make a cleaning appointment?2024-04-18T11:50:57-06:00

Click Here, then choose how often you want us to come to clean your home.

The next screen will ask you how many bedrooms and bathrooms, etc., if there are any special requests like a Deep Cleaning (recommended for homes not professionally cleaned recently) or any extra add-on services, then select your date. The checkout screen is straightforward, provide us some basic info, add your credit card, and we will see you soon! You can also call or text us at (720) 477-7272

What’s included?2024-04-18T11:50:07-06:00

Here is the In-Home Checklist our team will be using to clean your home. You can also visit our cleaning services overview page for details on what our services cover and don’t cover.

What happens after I book online?2024-04-18T11:49:19-06:00

You will receive a login email asking you to finish creating your account by adding a password. Nest you will receive a confirmation email that outlines the service you ordered once you are connected with a cleaning team. All appointments are scheduled with a 2-hour arrival window. We will be there within that time frame. If we cannot offer your selected time, or if we have any questions for you, someone will call you right away.

How am I charged?2024-04-18T11:48:36-06:00

Your card will be put on hold 48 hours before your cleaning. You are charged after your cleaning is complete.

If we cannot secure a hold on your card before your cleaning we may cancel you cleaning appointment.

We are a flat pricing company. That means you are not charged by the hour. In some cases your home may need to be switched over to an hourly cleaning service. In this case, a manager will contact you first.

We do not take partial payments or checks.

What do you mean by Organic, and Baby-Friendly?2024-04-18T11:47:55-06:00

We mean our products were handmade from Organic & Gluten-Free products. (Link for ingredients).

When we are done cleaning your surfaces and floors, they will be safe for babies, pets, and ready-to-eat foods. Let us know in advance of any allergies to natural essential oils and citrus fruits. Our cleaners may contain a variety of oils from nuts and seeds. (Never Peanuts) Outside of our organic solutions, we use a variety of responsibly sourced and “green” chemicals. These are typically used in the bathrooms and hard-to-clean areas. Those areas will be marked with a card that lets you know we had to use something other than 100% organic solutions.

I have a pretty clean home, should I still get a Deep Clean?2024-04-18T11:46:40-06:00

Yes, we recommend it for several reasons. For example, if you haven’t had a professional cleaning in the last couple of months or if you are moving in or moving out of a new place. You can find more info about our Deep Cleaning Service Here.

Are there any services you don’t offer?2024-04-18T11:46:00-06:00

We are down for a lot of cleaning, but these are services we DO NOT OFFER:

  • Move Appliances or Stationary Furniture
  • Clean Chandeliers or Delicate Lighting
  • Clean Artwork
  • Take Out Excessive Trash
  • Haul Away Trash In Vehicles
  • Exterior Cleaning Including Windows
  • Organizing Service
  • Any Area Above 2-Step Ladder Access
  • Clutter Cleanup
  • Clean While Someone Moves Clutter Around
  • Cleaning w/ Other Workers Present
  • Help w/ Moving (other than cleaning)
  • Bio-Hazard, Drug, Pet Waste Cleanup
  • Insect, Rodent, Mold Problems
  • Unfinished Basements or Garages
  • Scrub Painted Walls
  • Shampoo Carpets & Furniture
  • Cleanings In Hazardous or Unsafe Conditions
What kind of guarantee do you offer?2024-04-18T11:43:28-06:00

100% Guarantee! We stand by our product and our service. If you are not pumped about the job we did, call us within 24 hours and let us rush over to make it right. We will do everything within our power to live up to your expectations. Please note that no refunds will be offered without first being allowed to re-evaluate and re-clean your place.

Do I need to be home during the cleaning?2024-04-18T11:43:03-06:00

No, you don’t have to be home. However, if there is someone home, we must insist that they are 18+ or accompanied by an adult.

How long does a typical cleaning service take?2024-04-18T11:42:34-06:00

We don’t have set times, but you can login to your account from HERE and see your order. Keep in mind that your times will vary depending on how many people are on the team coming to your home. As a general rule, we try not to be in your home for more than 4 hours.

So if you have a 12 labor-hour cleaning, and we send a team of three, we should be there about 4 total hours. When you book your cleaning online it will tell you the total Labor hours that is estimated. Keep in mind, we do not charge by the hour and you are not eligible for a refund if we are not there for that entire time. The estimated labor hours is to help our system book cleanings with plenty of time for transportation and satisfaction of the actual cleaning.

Do you offer an hourly service?2024-04-18T11:39:59-06:00

In some cases, it makes more sense. We have a minimum of 2 hours charge for one, two, or three cleaners. Note that this usually applies to abnormal circumstances, very large homes where we are only cleaning a few rooms, special hotel requests, or office spaces. Keep in mind that we will not guarantee this service to the extent of re-cleaning and refunds.

Do you have Recurring Cleanings and discounts?2024-04-18T11:39:33-06:00

Recurring cleaning services and discounts can start as early as your second time using our service. When you book on our website, just select the recurring frequency that you would like and our system will automatically set you up for cleanings on your desired schedule. Login to your account to manage your cleanings, schedule, and service at any time.

When will I be charged?2024-04-18T11:39:12-06:00

You are charged on the day of your cleaning. Your card will be out on hold 48-hours before your cleaning. This is not a charge, just a hold applied by the e-commerce system. You will be charged in full after your cleaning is completed on the same day. If a tip or any cleaning modifications were added after the cleaning was charged, you may see more than one charge or a partial refund.

Company Policies

Terms of Service

Company Policies

Terms of Service

What is the Cancellation Policy?2024-04-18T12:04:02-06:00

We do not have residential contracts, so if you are on a regular cleaning schedule with us, we can augment or cancel the schedule anytime. If you have a booked appointment with us, we ask for at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule. If you have to cancel your appointment within that time, there will be a $50 fee. If you cancel within 3 hours of your scheduled cleaning time, you will be charged 50% of the booked amount. If you cancel while the cleaners are there or we are locked out, you will be charged for the full amount booked. “For our full Cancellation Policy Click Here”

What is your Clutter Policy?2024-04-18T12:03:36-06:00

Clutter is a mass of trash, items, nick-nacks, or personal items on the countertops or floors of your home. Clutter significantly inhibits our ability to perform our tasks and stay on schedule. If a room is covered in clutter we will skip that room. If the majority of your home is covered in clutter we may have to reschedule your cleaning to give you some time to remove the clutter. We cannot clean at the same time someone is moving clutter around! If we have to leave your home due to clutter you will be charged for the time we are in the home. Our normal hourly rate applies at $50 per person, per labor hour in the home. That means three cleaning techs would cost $150 per regular clock hour. If we have to cancel a cleaning, and you are unwilling or unable to reschedule at the time of cancellation, you will be charged according to our Cancellation Policy. This will almost always be a full charge for the cleaning. “For our full Clutter Policy Click Here”

What is your Climate Policy?2024-04-18T12:02:58-06:00

We are committed to providing a pleasant work experience for our staff, and that includes a certain comfort level of temperature while we clean your home. Summer/warm days: If your home is generally above 76deg, we ask that you please adjust your thermostat to be as low as 72deg for the time we are there. Winter/cold days: If your home is generally below 60deg, we ask that you please adjust your thermostat to be as high as 68deg for the time we are there. While in the home, if the temperatures do not meet our requirements, we will be required to adjust the thermostat during the time we are in the home. It is rare, but if we have to cancel your cleaning you will be subject to our cancellation policy. Usually, this means you will be charged full price.  “For our full Climate Policy Click Here”

What is your Bio-hazard & Pet Waste Policy?2024-04-18T12:02:28-06:00

Our team is not trained to handle blood, needles, medicated items, drugs, or anything that could be considered a bio-hazard. Cleaning techs have been instructed to ignore these areas. If there is a random pet dropping that can be picked up entirely with a single piece of toilet paper, we will pick it up and flush it in the toilet. If there are pet droppings that can’t be picked up by a piece of toilet paper, the cleaning techs have been instructed to clean around that area. If there is urine or the smell of urine on your floors, even if we cannot see it, the cleaning techs have been instructed NOT to use our equipment, as it will ruin our equipment. If your home cannot be cleaned due to this policy, or if the smell of any pet waste or bio-hazard is noxious to the cleaning techs, we will have to cancel your service, and you will be charged according to our cancellation policy. “For our full Bio-Hazard Policy Click Here”

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