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Denver’s Best Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services

Organic Cleaning Service │ Ultra-Healthy House Cleaning

Organic cleaning, without the chemical shine or odor

Professional House Cleaning Services

Opting for professional house cleaning services provided by experienced house cleaners or a reputable house cleaning company can bring several health benefits to your home. Professional cleaning goes beyond surface-level tidiness, targeting hidden dirt, allergens, and germs that can negatively impact your health.

Professional cleaners employ specialized techniques to eliminate allergens like dust, pet dander, and pollen, reducing the risk of allergies and respiratory issues. Thorough sanitization of high-touch surfaces prevents germ transmission, curbing the spread of illnesses.

A clean, organized home promotes mental well-being by reducing stress and fostering a calm atmosphere. Regular cleaning prevents mold and mildew, preserving indoor air quality and averting respiratory problems. Investing in professional cleaning services ensures a healthier living space, enhancing overall well-being and peace of mind for you and your family.

Our cleaning team is full of highly trained professionals. We use cleaning products that don’t leave a chemical smell or shine and instead leave that clean feeling. With years of experience and a great reputation you can trust your maid services will be top-notch.

Standard Residential Cleaning

Standard Residential Cleaning

Looking for a reliable and consistent professional house cleaners to perform recurring cleaning services on your home? Our standard residential cleaning service is a top to bottom dusting and wipe-down of your whole home on a regular schedule. Login to your account to add or subtract rooms, change your schedule, pause your cleanings, and more.

Discounts for recurring cleaning:

20% off for Weekly Cleanings │ 15% off for cleanings Every Two Weeks │ 10% off for Monthly Cleanings

What is Included

Included In All Rooms2024-04-29T08:21:49-06:00
  • Dust Ceiling Fans (under 8’)
  • Dust Picture Frames
  • Dust Light Fixtures (under 8’)
  • Quick Dust Blinds (under 8’)
  • Clean Switch Plates
  • Dust Furniture
  • Dust Cabinets (under 8’)
  • General Dusting
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Counters/Ledges
  • Empty Trash
  • Dust Baseboards
  • Vac Area Rugs
  • Vac/Mop Hard Floors

Deep Cleaning (All Rooms)

  • More Cleaning Time For Details
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Wipe Reachable Vents
  • Wipe Doors (front & back)
  • Wipe Remotes & Trays
  • General Item Wipedown
  • Baseboard Detail
  • Clean Fridge Top
  • Backsplash Wipe
  • Clean Microwave
  • Wipe Large Appliances
  • Clean Stove Top
  • Wipe Small Appliances
  • Fill Dishwasher

  • Scrub & Clean Sinks
  • Wipe Trash Cans

Deep Cleaning

  • Clean Under Range Hood
  • De-Crumb Toaster
  • General Item Wipe-down
  • Clean Shower Head
  • Scrub Tub/Shower
  • Clean Sinks
  • Clean Toilets
  • Clean Glass Doors
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Wipe Bath Appliances
  • Arrange Towels

Deep Cleaning

  • Grout Quick Scrub
  • Furniture & Decorations Wiped
Living Area2024-04-29T08:26:30-06:00
  • Arrange Pillows
  • Dust Fireplace (outside only)
  • Fireplace Hearth Quick Wipe
Office Area2024-04-29T08:26:59-06:00
  • Dry Dust Electronics
  • Wipe Desk (visible part)
  • Make Beds (change linens)
Laundry Area2024-04-29T08:28:18-06:00
  • Appliance Quick Wipe

Services We Do Not Offer ▬ Important!

  • Move Appliances or Stationary Furniture
  • Clean Chandeliers or Delicate Lighting
  • Clean Artwork
  • Take Out Excessive Trash
  • Haul Away Trash In Vehicles
  • Exterior Windows
  • Pet Waste Cleanup
  • Bio-Hazard Cleanup
  • Insect Problems
  • Rodent Problems
  • Scrub Painted Walls
  • Wipe Light Bulbs
  • Hand washing dishes, pots & pants.

  • Organizing Service
  • Any Area Above 2-Step Ladder Access
  • Clutter Cleanup
  • Clean While Someone Moves Clutter Around
  • Cleaning W/ Other Workers Present
  • Mold Cleanup

Deep House Cleaning Services

Deep House Cleaning Services

Our House Deep Cleaning Service option is great for first-time customers or customers that haven’t had a professional cleaning in a couple of months.

Includes everything that’s in our standard residential cleaning, plus:

  • More Time For Standard Items
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Wipe Reachable Vents
  • Wipe Doors (front & back)
  • Wipe Remotes & Trays
  • General Item Wipedown
  • Clean Under Range Hood
  • De-Crumb Toaster
  • General Item Wipedown
  • Grout Quick Scrub
  • Furniture & Decorations Wiped
  • Baseboard Detail

Do I need a Deep Clean?

Starting a cleaning service with a deep cleaning is essential for delivering exceptional results to clients. A house deep cleaning service sets the foundation for maintaining a clean and healthy living space. By thoroughly tackling accumulated dirt, grime, and hidden contaminants, the deep cleaning ensures a fresh start. It eliminates hard-to-reach dirt and creates a pristine environment for ongoing maintenance cleanings. Starting with a deep cleaning establishes a high standard of cleanliness, leaving clients satisfied and impressed with the thoroughness of the service. It sets the stage for regular cleaning maintenance, promoting a clean and inviting atmosphere in homes.

Move Out House Cleaning Services

Move Out House Cleaning Services

Organic Maids has provided 1000’s of move-in or move-out cleanings. Add what you want to your cleaning without having to pay for what you don’t want. Just select the level of cleaning you want to be done and add any additional extra cleaning services that you see fit.

We provide a full move-out service based on our checklist. If you have a specific checklist from your landlord please contact us first to make sure that we can provide the full service.

What is A Move-Out Cleaning?

Move out house cleaning services refer to professional cleaning provided when tenants or homeowners are vacating a property. It involves a thorough cleaning of the entire house, ensuring it is left in pristine condition for the next occupants. This service typically includes deep cleaning, sanitizing, and addressing specific move-out cleaning requirements.

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