Our team is not trained to handle blood, needles, medicated items, drugs, or anything that could be considered a bio-hazard. Cleaning techs have been instructed to ignore these areas. If there is a random pet dropping that can be picked up entirely with a single piece of toilet paper, we will pick it up and flush it in the toilet. If there are pet droppings that can’t be picked up by a piece of toilet paper, the cleaning techs have been instructed to clean around that area. If there is urine or the smell of urine on your floors, even if we cannot see it, the cleaning techs have been instructed NOT to use our equipment, as it will ruin our equipment. If your home cannot be cleaned due to this policy, or if the smell of any pet waste or bio-hazard is noxious to the cleaning techs, we will have to cancel your service, and you will be charged according to our cancellation policy. “For our full Bio-Hazard Policy Click Here”