Our Promise


To bring the healthiest, organic, gluten-free, eco-friendly, baby & pet-friendly cleaning solution to your home or workplace. To offer competitive pricing, a superior service and an unmatched health standard to The Greater Denver Metro Area. To simplify online cleaning service process by offering an advanced Flat Pricing system that is web and email based.




Insured Cleaning Service




About Us

Formally Maids of Denver, Organic Maids is a partnership that started with two long time friends and their frustration of trying to keep their place clean while holding very demanding schedules. So naturally, they turned to help from cleaning services like many other schedule-impaired people do in the Denver Metro Area. Disappointed with harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners around our pets and sensitive skin we looked into recipes for organic cleaners and wondered why they weren't used. After a lot of research, testing and trial we managed to come up with some really great natural solutions. So here we are, our mission is to provide a ultra healthy, baby & pet-friendly cleaning service to The Greater Denver Metro Area.