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Same Day Cleanings

• One Time Cleaning: Our regular home cleaning service is held at a very high standard. Check out our services in detail below or our In Home Checklist.

• Routine Cleaning: Our recurring cleaning option is at a discounted price as a consistent service. This is a scheduled service with no more than a 60 day gap.

• Deep Cleaning: This is an additional cleaning service that takes a regular cleaning much further. Generally, for first time customers or for homes that have not been professionally cleaned in the past month or so. You can find Deep Cleaning details below or on our In Home Checklist.

• Move In: Moving in a new home can be tiresome and dirty, we will clean up a empty home that was not detailed before you moved in. We can also perform a good cleaning to help you right after you move in and get rid of all that move in mess.

• Move Out: A good cleaning option for empty homes. It allows us to get into the details and perform a good cleanings without any furniture or obstacles in our way. There are limitations on what we can do, please refer to our F.A.Q Page for some details.


Always Included

• All Natural baby & pet friendly cleaners when possible
• Gluten-Free & Organic when possible
• Professional Cleaning Crew
• Use of our own supplies and equipment
• Great Support and Service
• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Home Cleaning Services Discount

• 10% Off for Monthly Cleanings
• 15% Off for Bi-Weekly Cleanings

• 20% Off for Weekly Cleanings

We provide all types of cleaning services:
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Same Day Maid Service Denver

Occasionally we are able to do a same day cleaning service. This is entirely up to the teams that are currently working and what their schedule is for the day. Under no circumstances are any promises of a same day valid when booked online. If an operator books your same day cleaning over the phone then we will be there with a 2 hour window. There may be a surcharge for same day cleanings depending on the scope of the project, time requested, and commute to the home and back. This charge will very case by case.